Welcome to our KIDZ CLUB! There are a few rules you will need to take note of when becoming a Kidz Club Member:

  1. The Kidz Club is for children only between the ages of 5-13 years
  2. Kids must have their parent’s permission to join
  3. Do not share your password with anyone other than your parents
  4. Most of all... HAVE FUN!


We want to welcome your child to our Kidz Club. All personal information is very important to us and will not be shared with others. We will use this information to respond to your messages, post out a welcome pack and to help us get you information you have requested. Provision of an email address confirms your acceptance of your child joining the Rainbow’s End Kidz Club. This also acknowledges that you will receive Kidz Club newsletters and information from Rainbow’s End.

Please ensure that your child logs out after visiting the Kidz Club website.

Lastly, please note that we will occasionally send you important updates to your nominated email address.

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